Lens treatments for Finished Single Vision, Semi-Finished blanks, Progressive and Bifocals Lenses are available at MR Lenses in many options. We produce lenses to suit your preferences and optical needs. Here are the most popular lens treatments you can find at MR Lenses.

Hard Coating

stock lenses treatments Our Treatments greyNow considered a standard in lens coating, hard coating uses materials like lacquer to buffer between multiple surfaces of lenses and AR coating. Hard coating lenses are lightweight, strong and low on density, making them very comfortable to wear.
Despite being relatively softer and more prone to scratching, plastic lenses are easily sealed with hard coating. The modern day process of hard coating plastic lenses began in 1959 while the first hard dip coated lenses were developed twenty years later.

Anti-Reflection Coating

stock lenses treatments Our Treatments greyLenses with anti reflection coating effectively eliminate common enemies of clear vision including water, scratches, fingerprints, reflection, dust and colored glare. The coating combats the core reason for the reflection i.e. differing refractive indices of the glass and air.
Depending on the lens material and strength, the refractive index of the lens can be negated by the coating. Also known as glare free treatment, the durability and visual clarity of the lenses are significantly improved with additional anti reflective coating. This treatment allows the glass to repel water, scratching, smudging and dust.

Anti Fog Coating

stock lenses treatments Our Treatments greyAnti-fog coated lenses are treated to reduce the surface tension of water droplets that cause them to disperse. This prevents the formation of the thin sheet of vapor and moisture, leading to foggy coating. This treated lens is best used in safety goggles, sports eyewear, industrial applications as well as face shields. This type of treatment can be done to lenses of multiple materials including polycarbonate, plastic, Trivex, high index, polarized, tinted, clear and photochromic substrates.
Lenses treated with anti fogging coating are more durable and provide enhanced optical quality. They are resistant to hot and moist fog formation and are effective even in environments with high humidity. Anti fog coated lenses are fairly low maintenance but do require regular care and cleaning to maintain its transparency. Every lens at MR Lenses is subjected to strict quality control checks according to industry standards and is sent through breath fog test, freeze test and heat and moisture air test.

Super Hydrophobic

stock lenses treatments Our Treatments greyDo spectacle lenses with AR coating attract more dirt than uncoated lens? We can assure you that the answer is no. Depending on the use and your care and maintenance, both types of glasses on coated lenses however, water stained, smudges, dirt and fingerprints are more prominent as they hamper the anti reflection properties of the coat.

Hydrophobic anti reflective coatings combine the benefits of regular anti reflective coatings while repelling water. These coatings bind together the molecules of the lens leaving no space for water to penetrate and create permanent water damage.

Ultra Violet Coating

stock lenses treatments Our Treatments greyLenses specially treated for UV protection can successfully block out 100 percent of all UVA and UVB rays. Our experts at MR Lenses cannot stress the importance of protection from UV rays enough. Overexposure to ultraviolet light is thought to be a cause of cataracts, retinal damage and other eye problems. and that is why we provide the best lenses with 100 percent protection.

Mirror Coating

Mirrored lenses are created by simply adding an additional reflective coating. While it can be applied on any lens, we work with polarized or tinted lenses to get the best effect. We offer mirror coated lenses in many colors and our range of sun lenses. Mirror coating can lead to interesting effects on the lenses ranging from complete mirror like coating to a light shimmer.

It is interesting to note that the mirror effect is creating by the deposition of something known as interference layers and depending on the thickness of these layers, different colors of reflection can be created. The intensity of mirror effects depends on the actual tint of the lens. With clearer lenses or ones with lighter tints, the mirror effect appears more like a shimmer while darker tints can create more intense mirror effects. This effect is most visible on the darkest tints but is unsuitable for use as they are too dark for driving or sports.

Blue Block

Blue block treatment for lenses enables more transparency and high contrast. This treatment also makes the lens more durable and scratch resistant as well as dust free. With a sturdy low maintenance surface, blue block treated lenses are smudge resistant and very easy to maintain.

Ideal for using digital devices like computer monitors and televisions, these lenses can enhance protect eyes from the intense blue light emitted by the screen. In some cases, this blue light can cause strain after prolonged exposure and this lens acts as an anti-stress shield.

TINT Colors

An advantage of choosing plastic lenses from MR Lenses is that we offer you a wide range of color options. With both graduated and bicolor tints for your sunglasses, we can help you choose the right tints for the right purposes. Whether you are looking for tinted lenses for medical purposes or for everyday use, our range of dip colors will surely impress you!


Slowly gaining more popularity, polarized lenses are dark sunglass materials that effortlessly block reflected glare from smooth surfaces. Ideal for driving in any condition, polarized sunglasses can eliminate glare coming other vehicles, traffic signs and the roads themselves. Unlike tinted sunglasses where glare is just darkened, polarized lenses completely eliminate the glare. We recommend it for driving and swimming as it can easily ward off glare!

To know more about the range of lens treatment options available at MR Lenses, get in touch with us today! You can either browse our catalog or contact us directly to place an order on the lens, Treatment, Index and Powers of your choice.